54 Days - Extended Video Package

54 Days - Extended Video Package

We are delighted to present to you 54 Days our award winning, critically acclaimed feature film. In this extended package you will receive:

The full version of 54 Days
A copy of the Official Trailer
5 extras of our vine promotional clips

54 Days was the winner of 4 awards at The 2015 Idyllwild Festival of International Cinema, including Best Director, Best Foreign Film, Best Cinematography and the Grand Jury Prize for best of festival and has been described by critics as :

“Atmospherically rich and intriguing throughout” FilmGuineaPig.com
“54 Days is a tight and suspenseful addition to the post-apocalyptic genre.” TheMovieWaffler.com,
"54 Days ... is a truly gripping bit of work that goes to show just how great cinema is that comes from Oz..." Liberty Voice

54 Days will take you on a journey to you truly asking yourself the question "What would you do to survive?"

Get the movie now before it gets into cinemas...

54 Days - Extended Video Package
  • 54 Days - Official Crowdfunding, Cast & Crew Download.

    We are delighted to make available the official 54 Days Crowdfunding & Cast & Crew downloader, which represents the 116 peoples' hard work and effort.

    We would love you to give us a rating on our IMDB profile http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3509626/ as this all helps with raising our profile.


  • 54 Days - Official Trailer

    This is the 54 Days official trailer.

    When a well-to-do Sydney party disintegrates into chaos and panic as a bomb goes off 5 friends are forced into a 1960's nuclear shelter. As food and water begins to run out they are forced to make an impossible decision - either one dies or they all die.

  • Vine Video - Agent 4

    The Number Four in Chinese is considered unlucky as it sounds very similar to the word "death". That is why when you go to China and indeed Malaysia often lifts do not go to the level 4.

    Agent 4 is a fictional biological agent that is like Hiroshima - the ultimate bomb only dirty!

  • Vine Video 2 - the bodies - but whose are they?

  • Vine Video 3 - The Mushroom Cloud

  • Vine 4 - the gunshot....

  • Vine 5 - Say Hello To Roachie !!

    We all need a friend - and in a 1960's Nuclear Shelter what better friend than a cockroach - called Roachie!!